19. november 2006

En virkelig ubehagelig scene fra et amerikansk universitet, hvor en studerende bliver tazed gentagne gange, fordi han nægter at vise sit ID og samarbejde med betjentene:

Mere hos Patrissimo:

“Nice to see a little bit of The Transparent Society happening, thanks to widespread video recorders and video sharing technology. On the other hand, can these videos actually do any good? The government protects its own – most likely, the victims will get some cash, and the officers will get a slap on the wrist. It’s the money of some taxpayers being given to some other taxpayers, with the crime lords who make the laws and the thugs who enforce them getting off scot-free. Depressing but true. Some fucking redress. What a racket.”

patrissimo: screw the Michael Moschen triangle


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