1. juni 2007

[T]his is a book for boys who want to be “self-sufficient and find their way in the stars.”
The Dangerous Book for Boys instructs the nascent man on how to build a tree house and make a bow and arrow, go-carts, tripwires and timers, as well as grow crystals. He can learn to marble paper, construct a common battery from a handful of quarters, skip stones with skill, tan animal skins, and make secret ink (using urine in a pinch, if milk, lemon juice, or egg whites aren’t handy). The book is also a trusty reference guide to those subjects that kindle the boyish imagination—the Golden Age of Pirates, famous battles, cloud formations, Navajo code talking, spy codes, ciphers, insects, constellations, and more.
Perhaps the most refreshing aspect of The Dangerous Book for Boys is that it doesn’t fudge the difference between boys and girls. Instead it reassures boys in a gentle voice that we are different, and should embrace that happy distinction. We shouldn’t allow those who sow doubt about such distinctions to make us fail in the civil graces and brash expectations that have always been distinctive marks of manliness. There’s a message intended for fathers, too: join in fraternity with your sons.

Det lyder som et must-read.

Læs omtale, lån den eller køb den.


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